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Stone walls in kitchen, natural wood beams, beaded inset cabinetry.

The Refinery Custom Cabinets

Designing Dream Cabinets That Last

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Man building a cabinet on a work bench.

Our Service

The long and short of it is...

We design custom cabinetry to fit your home or business, and work exclusively with the best builders, remodelers, and designers to successfully bring to fruition the living spaces of your dreams. We pride ourselves on giving you high quality craftsmanship that you can be proud of, made locally here in Alabama by our expert artisans.

About Us's what we do, and we do it well.

We are a team of artisans, creating custom cabinetry, serving the Birmingham metropolitan area and surrounding lake properties. Our business is homegrown in Leeds, AL, and quickly expanding in Moody, AL where we are currently located. We specialize in high end cabinetry for your home or business, and know you'll be just as proud as we are with our local craftsmanship.

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Photo on work bench of the core team and owners.

Our Mission

...with honor, dignity & respect.

We at The Refinery Custom Cabinets have faith-driven owners and a core team that understand the concepts of business and career development through strong character, stellar service, and a positive attitude in the construction industry that is unexpected, yet infectious among our clients, vendors, and business associates. While our faith is foundational to our personal lives and the core values of how we treat others, we commit to demonstrating that foundation through our actions. We believe that all people are subject to refinement and improvement in everything pursued and our desire is to teach, promote, and send out all members of our team to express their talents and skills with honor, dignity, and respect in our community. Whether using wood, steel, clay, or any Earth-born resources, the refining processes turn raw subjects into something beautiful, and people are no different.

Recent Projects

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