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Photo of a forest of trees.
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We love them!

Without trees, where would the cabinet industry be? So...why not take care of them our environment? The Refinery Custom Cabinets is CARB Phase 2 compliant. What does that mean for you? It means the manufacturers we buy our materials from don't use harmful chemicals in their wood products that would be passed onto you in your home. And they use sustainable wood resources to keep our forest replenished for years to come. 

All the paint colors

We have them!

All our paint and wood stain products are water based Break-Through brand, and environmentally friendly. You can sleep well at night knowing that our custom cabinets won't pollute the air you breath in your home, and the process it took to make them didn't harm the environment. No one wants to breath polluted air, especially in their homes or office. Rest easy knowing our top quality paints express the colors you choose, and not the harsh chemicals or odors other industries use.

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